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Definition - Spanish Heritage Horse

What is a Spanish Heritage Horse?
A Spanish Heritage Horse is a horse with one parent that is a registered Pure Spanish Horse, Pura Raza Española or P.R.E., and the other parent is a different breed.

Horses Eligible for Registration in the SHH Registry
It's easy to register your horse in the
Spanish Heritage Horse Registry! Horses are eligible for registration in the Spanish Heritage Horse Registry if one parent is a Purebred P.R.E. Horse registered in one of the below recognized Registries:

P.R.E. Mundial
Cría Caballar
AHAA (SO papers only)

Horses are eligible for Registration at any age and can be of any sex without economic penalty.

Should any documentation be presented for the non P.R.E. parent, then offspring of the following breeds crossed with the P.R.E. Horse will be registered as listed below:

Azteca - P.R.E. and a Quarter Horse registered with AQHA or a Paint Horse registered with APHA
Spanish-Arab - P.R.E. and Arabian
Spanish-Anglo - P.R.E. and Thoroughbred
Spanish Warmblood - P.R.E. and any Warmblood
Warlander - P.R.E. and Friesian
Spanish Draft - P.R.E. and a Draft Horse
Spanish-Portuguese - P.R.E. and Lusitano
Others to be determined

Other crosses will be considered and developed as they demonstrate their abilities for FEI Sports.

It is not necessary to be a Member of The Foundation to register horses with the Spanish Heritage Horse Registry.