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SHH - Registry Services

The Spanish Heritage Horse Registry (SHHR) is an Independent Registry maintained by the PREA-SHHR division of The Foundation. The Spanish Heritage Horse Registry was formed Fall of 2011 in response to requests from Owners and Breeders to provide a place to register and recognize horses with one P.R.E. Parent bred for participation in the various FEI sports.

Our goal is to make the process of obtaining your Horse's documents easy and effective. We are proud to provide the Services you are requesting.


Submit all Required Forms and Payment to the
SHHR Office: by mail to 115 Elm Street NE Albuquerque, NM 87102, or by fax 505-294-0812, or by email to

If paying by check, please make payable to
Spanish Heritage Horse Registry or SHHR.

FOUNDATION SERVICES POLICIES: Refund Policy: The Foundation does not offer Refunds on Paid for Services. If a Horse Owner Requests that a Paid for Service Not be Performed, for any reason, a Credit for the Amount Paid less a $25 Service Fee will remain on file for 12 months for that person which may be used for other PREA, SHHR, or Foundation Services. ALL Returned Checks and Chargebacks are subject to a $30 Fee.

Services Offered
Please Read below for procedures to request specific
Spanish Heritage Horse Registry Services. Check back often to see the latest information. Click here for Downloadable forms required to apply for Services. ALWAYS retain Copies of any Documentation submitted for your own records.

Please Note: We Require ALL Horses registering in the Spanish Heritage Horse Registry to have DNA Records on file in the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab. This facilitates the ability to do parent verification with ease for all future Registrations.


Registration in the SHHR:
Submit the Following to SHHR.

a. Completed Application for Service and SHH Registration Form. Click here to download PDF.
b. DNA Results with PV for the P.R.E. Parent
c. Breeding Certificate with signatures of the sire and dam owners at time of breeding (or IALHA Certificate*) unless horse was born before January 1, 2012, when no Breeding Certificate is required. Click for Breeding Certificate form.
d. Proof of Ownership*.
e. Payment (see SHH Registry Pricing Link)
f. Photos are optional, and if provided will remain a part of the Horse's Record.
g. If you want the lineage of the Non-PRE parent on the SHHR certificate, you must submit that documentation with your application.

* If your horse is an IALHA registered Half Andalusian, your complete IALHA registration papers can substitute for the Breeding Certificate and Proof of Ownership.

Transfer of Ownership:
Submit the following to SHHR

1. Application for Service Form requesting Transfer of Ownership
2. Your SHHR Registration Certificate
3. Copy of Bill of Sale or Transfer of Ownership showing Horse Description and Signature of Seller and Owner.
4. Applicable Fee (within 60 days of Purchase: $50, more than 60 days after purchase: $100). Transfers of Ownership can be effected only onto an SHHR Registration Certificate.

DNA Testing
NOTE: If you would like to order your DNA Test directly from UC Davis, please go to and follow the steps to set up Service. Or, for your convenience you may ask the SHHR to request DNA and Parent Verification (pv) Test Kit Forms from UC Davis for you by completing and submitting to us: (Click the form name to download the form)

1. DNA / MC Request Form (Click the form name to download the form)
2. Applicable Fee

Suffix Registration:
You may register your Farm Suffix for Exclusive Use within the SHHR and/or the P.R.E. Mundial Registry on the Names of the Horses you breed. Each Suffix will be registered only once. A Suffix registered in either Registry will be automatically Registered for the same Breeder's Exclusive Use in both Registries. To request Suffix Registration submit the following to
The Foundation / PREA / SHHR:

1. Completed Application for Service, with your Suffix written on the Form
2. Applicable Fee (One time payment- Members $100/ Non-Members $200)